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Personal Cuisines provides a variety of services designed to help you define your unique nutritional needs. Personal Cuisines’ highly-trained staff assists you in creating and producing meals that suit your specific needs, tastes and health/food objectives.

Our process begins with an initial in-home consultation, which is free of charge. Our staff discusses your requirements with you, offering the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about our suggestions, recommendations and any of our services.

We recognize that every person or family is different. We tailor our services for you. Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements, we offer you your choice of any/all of the following programs:

Menu planning

Purchase of all recommended foods, seasonings, supplements

Prepare meals for immediate consumption

Prepare meals to enjoy later

For your personal convenience, our staff prepares food directly in your home. This enables you to eat only the freshest, most wholesome and healthy meals. Once the meal preparation is completed, Personal Cuisines performs all necessary clean up, leaving the kitchen as good, or better, than before the meals were cooked.

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