"I was diagnosed with cancer and was required to undergo chemotherapy as treatment. I used to take for granted so many things of everyday life. When I began my chemo process, the treatments affected my ability to enjoy eating the way I used to. I found that I had more difficulty digesting the kinds of food I normally ate. 

Then I discovered Personal Cuisines. I never would have believed that I would ever again enjoy my meals in the way that I used to. Personal Cuisines friendly and knowledgeable staff sat down with me and we discussed my nutritional needs and personal tastes and preferences. We planned my meals, and I was amazed at how many options I had both in the kinds of food I could eat and the manner in which Personal Cuisines' staff would prepare them for me. The service from Personal Cuisines was nothing short of professional (and I was surprised how inexpensive it was) and I am, once again, enjoying my meals.

---  Claribel