"I am a professional woman, a leader of a company in Silicon Valley. My schedule is full and my business requires a lot of my time. My family and I found ourselves eating too much fast food. I needed to find a way to provide my husband and daughter with healthier meals. I was surprised to find a company like Personal Cuisines that would help me solve my dilemma. I contacted Personal Cuisines and asked if they had any programs that could help me and my family plan and prepare healthier and more wholesome meals.

One of the friendly staff at Personal Cuisines came right out and we talked about what I wanted to do for my family. The knowledgeable staff asked me (and my family) many questions about our likes and dislikes, eating style, any allergies, preferences, and so much more. When we were finished with the survey/assessment, this individual offered me a
number of great ideas and plans that would help me accomplish my goals. We use Personal Cuisines' services weekly. We eat wonderful freshly-prepared meals (that I know are very healthy and nutritious) and we are also provided with meals we can just take out of the freezer and eat.

I'm sold on Personal Cuisines. They provide very personalized food service. Their staff listens to what you want and what you like. The special attention to our particular food preferences and the use of fresh and healthful ingredients assure our family of meals that we both enjoy and know are good for us. An extra benefit is that our daughter is learning how to make the right food choices and use the correct food preparation techniques that will help her as she moves through her life. "

   ---  Lynn