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January 2013

The January 2013 issue of Edible Silcon Valley
features Gisele Barber and Personal Cuisines

Edible Silicon Valley Magazine

Unearthing the Root to Wellness

"When Chef Gisele Barber cooks a meal, she is helping to build healthy lifestyles. Versed in the healing qualities of foods, Gisele, a colon cancer survivor, has earned a reputation for being a culinary magician ...

Watching Gisele cook a meal, it’s easy to see how her passion infuses her flavorful Adzuki bean soup, red lentil stew and chicken patties with apple and arugula. ..."

Chef Gisele Barber

This article is a good read, including tips you can use today!
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August 2004

Personal Cusines’ Gisele Barber featured
in the August 11, 2004 issue of the Los Altos Town Crier

Los Altos Town Crier site

Alternative ingredients aid digestion for cancer survivors
Natural foods chef helps put people on healthful diet


"For Gisele Barber, it took a life-altering event to find her true calling...

... Barber started her own business, Personal Cuisines, to focus on teaching clients how to cook and personally shopping at grocery stores for those suffering from cancer, AIDS or diabetes.

′Being a cancer survivor I knew people could really use this service,′ she said. ′The ones I want to focus on are the ones with compromised immune systems.′

For Barber, educating others about healthy food choices and cooking for them is part of her daily routine..."

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