Personal Cuisines
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About Personal Cusines
ersonal Cuisines was created to work one-on-one with individuals to assist them in defining and creating healthy menus and meals that suit their lifestyle and specific needs.

  Personal Cuisines offers a
variety of personalized services that begins with a free, in-home consultation. Upon completion of the consultation, clients can then sign up and purchase Personal Cuisines services that include meal planning and pre-preparation, and education to achieve a healthier dining lifestyle.

Personal Cuisines is constantly researching and experimenting with new foods, ingredients and menus in an effort to bring to its clients the most beneficial and health-conscious nutrition.
isele Barber is the founder and driving conscience of Personal Cuisines. Ms. Barber’s interest in food and cooking began early in life when she enjoyed her mother’s special touch in preparing everything homemade from baked bread to canned vegetables.
Her passion to find new and healthy ways for the selection and preparation of food and meals is drawn from her experience as a survivor of colon cancer. Today, Ms. Barber continues to expand her knowledge and understanding of food and the impact impact diet and nutrition have on health and the immune system.

Ms. Barber graduated from the comprehensive Natural Foods Chef program at Bauman College in California. She is a well-respected volunteer at Our Daily Bread, an organization dedicated to helping feed the needy, where Ms. Barber donates her time and understanding in the importance of healthy meal planning.